By constantly sifting through quality and continuous research, we try to age the good reputation of the wine region and the recognition of the specialty of wine, which once provided the material and moral basis for the war of independence. The szamorodni is made only in the last period of the harvest of the outstanding vintages, when the assorted grains are no longer taken out of the cluster, but are picked, soaked, and squeezed out in hand presses at the same time. The very high concentration of must spontaneously fermentes into local barrels in local barrels. 

The 2013 vintage is still available in limited stock.

You can read an insider background story in Polish in this arcticle.

Coming soon: 2017 vintage Király

“Király Szamorodni wine is the original main product of the region, made from whole overriped bunches in extremely late harvest. The 100% furmint wine is coming from a special vintage in a single vineyard selected version. Its high natural sugar content and the extremely steep and stony volcanic terroir proves that this wine is truly unique. It is the masterpiece of the viticulturist, from his own planted furmint grapes with the greatest possible richness in body and aromtatics in the category. Acidity and sugar balance eachoder perfectly, elegant notes of dried fruits and honey, round, creamy texture makes this wine unforgattable.” – UandStyle blog


9000 Ft.