Mádsummer Club

The winery’s club membership has two benefits:
– They are invited to the winery’s events first / or exclusively held in Mád or Budapest,
– and have the highest discount for wines and rooms of the winery.

In 2024 our annual summer solstice party will be on 15th of June, Saturday, we will have Sajba band playing. There will be fresh exhibiton in the winery’s Art Gallery. food, wine and soda in the shop on the main street entrance. There is no entrance fee for the programs, just as always.

In 2023 we had the 18th birthday of MV Agusta Club Hungary getting ready having the European club’s meeting at our place.  For the main concert we had ROMER playing in acoustic.

In 2022  the event was part of the village’s Good Night Mád festival. Mika Heinczinger played poetry, and we brought home László Csomortáni Gál’s latest exhibition to the Demetervin Art Collection Gallery all the way from Normandy, France. Sure we rode bikes, and exhibited the freshest and strongest Suzuki bikes, Hayabusa 2022 also!

In 2021 we celebrated the exactly 100 year old Úrágya 57 plantation on the summer solstice, June 19th with old music, exhibition of László Csomortáni Gál, and a great sunset with sparkling wine in the vineyard. During the longest day we rode in cooperation with Suzuki Motorcycles, MV Agusta, RBiker and DRZ Hungary. 

In 2020, Demetervin celebrated its 20th anniversary together – at the suggestion of our friends – with 75-year-old MV Agusta Motor, 10-year-old MF Motors, and 15-year-old MV Agusta Club Hungary. Mika Heinczinger played music for the grand opening of László Gál Csomortáni’s exhibition at the club event on June 20th.

The 2019 Mádsummer was the first party celebrating Sun and the summer solstice, starting the winery’s very own organized club events. Hollóének gave a medieval music show with fire dancers, Anyukám Mondta Restaurant gave the gastronomy, MV Agusta Club Hungary and RBiker Hungary presented the bikes for the ride, so all senses had an impact.