Király Aszú

Demetervin’s  2013 vintage Király-vineyard Furmint Aszú finished in top 3 and won Grand Gold prize at EAWSC Moscow, and we celebrate it with Gabor Stampf tattoo artist’s 240 individual engraved bottle limited edition. All the bottles are unique pieces of art, inspired by the graphical identitiy of Demetervin, the vineyard, Mád, the vines and Sun.

The special edition bottles are available in 3 offers:
1. – The engraved aszú bottle itself: 100.000.- HUF
2. – The engraved aszú bottle + Király Furmint 2017 + Szamorodni 2013,  in 3 bottle box: 110.000.-HUF
3. – Engraved aszú bottle +2 no-graphic control bottle of the same stock, in 3 bottle box: 240.000.- HUF

The orders are limited in 240 packs. Your order is based on the bank transfer.
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In Budapest: TokajiMyLove –

The available vintage of Király Aszú, 2013 won Great Gold at the Eurasian Wine & Spirit Comepetition (EAWSC), held in cooperation and by rules of OIV. Our Úrágya 57 won the “best white wine according to the press” title on the same event. The news wide spread in the Hungarian press:  Világgazdaság , also here, Metropol, Demokrata, Origo, Turizmus Online, Mandiner, Gusto, Bors, Propeller, Pesti Srácok, Infostart, Az Üzlet,, Ü,, Hírnavigátor, Hírzilla, Bor és Piac, Csodálatosborok, Sláger FMBorrandi. WineArtCulture and Boon made interview, and Nők Lapja  did put us in seasonal offer.

The most special wine of the wine region is made only in outstanding vintages. Aszú is the prestigious product of Tokaj-Hegyalja, the top of the product pyramid, therefore we make it only with the highest possible content. 2013 was the first vintage in the history of Demetervin, when everything was together to complete our vineyard-selected furmint aszú plantations in the historic first-class Király vineyard.
Aszú making is the most labor-intensive winemaking process in the world, with botrytis – aszú – berries picked by hand during the autumn. After soaking in the fermenting szamorodni and then gentle pressing, it fermentes spontaneously for a very long time in Zemplén oak horses. Due to the natural, slow fermentation, the barrel maturation is relatively long, 2 years. In terms of content values, our goal is the maximum possible during the selection, as it is the most labor-intensive and expensive preparation in the world, but it is also the number one natural sweet wine.
The uniqueness of uncompromising production can only be enhanced in one way: by demarcating the variety and the place of production. The furmint aszú of the Király vineyard from Demetervin is indeed a rarity.
80000 Ft.