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Király Aszú – single vineyard

Aszú is the most prestigeous product of Tokaj, so we only produce top of the line 6 puttonyos, only in the best vintages, without compromise. 2013 was the first vintage in Demetervin when we had every detail together to make our first single vineyard furmint aszú in our historical grand cru Király Hill vineyard. 

Nature is the right track

We have to find balance with Nature to keep the values. Our goal is to preserve the World Heritage, the terroir, the culture of the soil and the people working on it. The volcanos of Mád give a special character to the wines. Our task is to produce these the natural way of fine balanced […]

How to find us

Demetervin – family winery of Ervin and Endre Demeter phone: +36-1-318-81-48 email:

Furmint – dry

All the wines are produced fom the wineyards of the family, around Mád, with hand press. We pay close attention to the terroir, and decide slowly. The juice is fermented with natural yiests, in local barrels, with battonage technology. We believe in full ripeness and careful making. How to find us and our wines?   […]

Úrágya 57 – dry

The prestige wine of the estate from the top of the volcanic hill called Bed of the Lord, harvested from 80 years old hand-cultivated vines of the number 57 parcel of Úrágya Hill, which make it possible to show the real minerality.    

Király – dry

Coming from the steep and stony hand cultivated top terasses of the Király (King) Hill’s selected barrels. How to find us and our wines?

Élvezet (Joy) – sweet

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Showing the fruity and elegant character of noble sweet Tokaj with late harvest furmint and hárslevelű. For the young generations, with all the values we love the region for.

Szamorodni – sweet

Seeking quality, trying to put Tokaj back to where it belongs with this traditonal wine, financing freedom fights.

Aszú – estate

Aszú is the most prestigeous product of Tokaj, so we only produce the highest value, called 6 puttony, only in the best vintages, without compromise.    Where to find our wines?

Extra Brut – dry

We are making experiments with methode traditionale bottle fermented dry sparkling wines since 2003. The low yield local varieties, the vulcanic soil and the traditional making give a unique elegant bubbling speciality. 2014 vintage was the first one available for the market, in association with Chateau Vincent introduced in 2016. In 2016 we made the […]

Frizzante – dry

The 2008 and 2009 La Perla and Lasa have been the first frizzante-type sparkling in the Tokaj region, it was a successful experiment and much fun, lot of knowledge was gained. You can find nice examples in other wineries’ selection, Demetervin is out of this range. We strictly keep the yield under one kilo, with […]